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Creatine: Benefits and Dosage

Note: Most of the information in this blog has been taken from Martin MacDonald’s site. If I include information from other sources, I will include links to those sites. When I hear about creatine, most people think of guys and gals who go to the gym, lift...

Hey There, Stranger!

Let’s make sure we’re not strangers anymore. I’m Tudor, and once in a while I come back here to write. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. So let me give you a summary of what you’ll find in this blog, which is pretty...

Dragon Flyes [Video]

Doing a few reps just to see if I can. This is not part of any workout routine; I find the exercise kind of hard on the back, and not very beneficial for smoeone like me. It’s just cool to know that I can do it and show off for a bit.